Environmentally sustainable technologies for processing biomass into pellets for thermal energy.

Pellet Metalac produces machines and equipment for pelleting biomass and wood. We manufacture complete plants for producing energetic pellets from biomass.

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Pellet machines for pelleting straw
Pellet machines for wood pelleting
Pellet machines for pelleting chicken litter
Pellet machines for pelleting soybean straw
Pellet machines for pelleting coal dust
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Pellet is ecological fuel made from vegetable waste compacts. Energetic value of pellets is higher than energy gained from any type of coal. Pellet is suitable for automatic stoking because the temperature is stable and without oscillations during combustion. Unlike oil, gas and coal pellets produced from the combustion of biomass does not contain harmful substances. Utilization of energy from pellets is around 95%, while from other products it is around 70%. Pellet from biomass releases the same amount of CO2 during combustion as it was needed for growth of biomass, and in that way keeps the natural balance. Pellets from biomass are considered to be a renewable energy source, wich fossil fuels are not beside CO2 neutrality during combustion of pellets, and we have ash below 1 or 5% when using agro pellets. Ash from agro pellets is used as organic fertilizer. During coal combustion, due to poor quality of coal, we have 40-50% residual ash that is very harmful for the environment. If we compare agro pellet with fossil fuels, we will get the information that the burning of fossil fuels releases about 30 times larger amount of CO2 comparing with pellets, thereby disturb the natural balance that is already violated in great measure around the world. The importance of ecological advantage in using pellets from biomass can be seen in the facts that many countries in the world give subsidies for quite some time to customers who use pellets for heating or energy production and such users comply with very strict environmental criteria that requests reduction of CO2 emission in the atmosphere below 0.3% and exploitation of energy over 70%, which can hardly be reached by some other energetic materials beside biomass pellets, during combustion. Subsidies for the use of pellets were 50%, and even in some cases up to 80% for construction of smart houses.
Production of biomass pellets produces green energy!


In the near future prices of energy will rise rapidly, as we can witness already, and the difference between the prices of biomass pellet and any other fuel will be even bigger. Pelleting of biomass is a certain source of energy in the future, it is the unstoppable process of obtaining energy. Gaining energy from fossil fuels will not be possible in the future, or it will be just for rarely privileged people. Obtaining energy from biogas is negligible compared to biomass. Since livestock fund is destroyed we can not count on this source of energy nor on rising the livestock fund because it is very susceptible to large fluctuations, and to the impact of politics and individuals. Energy obtained from sun, wind, water etc. makes realistic 10% of all the possibilities for gaining energy from biomass. We have biomass in abundance in every step we take. Production costs for 1t of pellets from biomass are around 65.00e/t and the price of one ton of pellets from biomass in the market is around 140.00euros. The price of pellets is very stable in comparison to all other fuel and will remain so. Serbia has 12.5 million tons of biomass per year, or 2 billions annually, and of course nothing of that is used. Biomass is renewable, every year with production of biomass pellets we actually produce independent energy, and we become energetically independent as individuals, and also do social sectors. The production of green energy is independent of political and economic developments in the world and it has a constant price that can be predicted for another 10 years. From all the above we can conclude that the pellet produced from biomass is the cheapest and the most desirable ecological and energetic fuel which has a long and bright future in the production of green energy.
Thinking about green energy means thinking about the future.


Pellet mills for pelleting biomass
Crushers for small square bale
Mills for roll bale
Crushers for big bale
Mills for fine grinding of wood, straw and other biomass
Specialized mixers for wood and biomass
Device for raising moisture by spraying biomass and wood
Vibrating sieve for sifting pellets
Steam conditioners
Fine feeder with mass flow control
Roto silos for wood chips and biomass
The automatic packaging machine
Solder machines for PVC bags and machines for quilting/closing bags
Matrices and rollers, roller of high quality
Specialized moisture analyzers for wood and for production of agro pellets
Production of complete plants for producing energetic pellets from straw, wood and other biomass
Maintenance, servicing and defects inspection equipment for pelleting biomass
Expert advice and technology of biomass pelleting
Pellet machines for various biomass pelleting

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